Values: The Scriptures

Belief in the scriptures are a core value for all that believe in one God. The scriptures are God inspired. It is in the scriptures that God reveals to us His character, His commands, and His love. We find in the scriptures the history of the world, the stories of the prophets and their genealogies. It is also from scripture that we can understand about angels and evil spirits, the coming of the end of the world, the final judgment and about paradise and hell.

All of these teachings can be found in the Kitab Tawrat, the Kitab Zabur, and the Kitab Injil. Unfortunately many modern teachers approach the previous teachings with distrust and discourage their followers from reading them. The faithful men and women who have been called by God to translate these scriptures into all the languages of the world have at times been received with suspicion, sometimes even with threats. We realize that some may approach this website with similar suspicion. If God wills it, hopefully we can ease those suspicions here.

Our goal with the website, is to make the scriptures from the time of Musa, Da'ud, the prophets, & the Messiah Isa available to the Sama online. We hope that all Sama can find these scriptures useful for teaching and for living a life with fear for God. We hope it will inspire many Sama towards good words and deeds to their neighbors and their communities.