Sama Songs About God (GRN)

"Praise the Lord", says one of the psalms of the prophet Da'ud.  "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."  According to the instruction of this psalm of Da'ud all sorts of musical instruments should be used in praising God.  According to scripture, Da'ud was an expert at playing a harp like instrument called the lyre.  Mariyam the sister of the Prophet Musa used a tambourine.  Other prophets were said to use harps, flutes, and tambourines.  It is said that in heaven both men and angels will play harps, flutes, and trumpets.  In heaven there will be people from all tribes and nations.  If this is true, do you think the Sama people might play the agong when we are in heaven?  Will there be those playing kulintang?  Will others play gabbang?  If this will come true, then our talents as Sama should also be used to praise the Lord while we are here on earth.  That is something exciting about these songs from Global Recordings.  They recorded 12 songs of Sama playing the keyboard and singing.  You can download them here.

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