God's Message: Scriptures in the Sinama Language & Other Teaching

Greetings fellow Sama,

"In the past God spoke to our ancestors through the prophets at many times and in various ways."

Now there are even more ways to access His message. In the past we could not understand this message because it was in a foreign language. Nowadays we have the translated Word in our very own Sinama language. Previously it was hard to find the scriptures from God because it could only be carried and passed on by others. Now through this website we can find all these revelations translated into our language. We aren't limited to merely reading this message, but now we can even just listen or watch it on video. This is a blessing for the Sama people.


What's on this website?

  • Portions of the Torah and Psalms (Old Testament) in Sinama.
  • The complete Injil (New Testament) in Sinama.
  • You can read the scriptures here on this site but you can also download them for installation on your cellphone, tablet, or computer.
  • If you would like to listen to the Injil in Sinama, you can listen on streaming mp3 or download to your device.
  • Other mp3 and mp4s of sermons and music that you can stream or download to your gadget.
  • You can view the Isa Almasi video in Sinama or download it to your device or gadget.

Keep coming back to check if there are new songs, sermons, or movies based off of scripture that have been newly recorded.

Daily Sinama Scripture Verses



Badjao Scripture Posters

Pabīngun ni aku kalasigan ya bay ma aku tagna' kapangalappasnu ma aku. Buwanin aku kajarihan ahutu bo' tahinangku kabaya'annu. Kalangan 51.12

O Tuhan, ka'a ya Tuhanku, landu' aku angentom ma ka'a. Bang aku alawak min haddaratnu, ya sapantunna lahat paslangan halam aniya' bohe'na. Patay bohe' palnyawahanku, apanggang baranku ma sabab katuyu'ku ma ka'a. Kalangan 63.1

Yuk sambung si Isa, "Ya mbal takole' e' manusiya' takole' du e' Tuhan."  Lukas 18.27

“Aku itu dī po'onan tinanom, bo' ka'am ya dalil kasangahanku. Sai-sai kam pat'ttog ma aku, bo' aku isab pat'ttog ma iya, aheka buwa'na ma kaul maka pi'il. Sabab bang a'a ganta' autas min aku, halam aniya' tahinangna ahāp.” Yahiya 15.5

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