Kalangan Saga Ummat Tuhan 1

Info about the songs of the Prophet Da'ud in English and Sinama

Followers of God are known for their use of song to praise and worship Him. The Prophet Musa and his sister Mariyam are known for singing to God upon the miraculous escape of God's people from Pharaoh (Kitab Tawrat).  The Kitab Zabur is composed primarily of songs written by Nabi Da'ud. Indeed the meaning of Zabur in Arabic is "song" or "music". The son of the Prophet Da'ud, Prophet Sulayman also composed over one thousand songs, the most famous being the Song of Songs (Kitab Zabur).  Prayers that were most likely sung were recited by Hanna upon the birth of the Prophet Samwel (Scriptures of the Prophets) and by Mariyam about the miraculous conception of her child, the Messiah (Kitab Injil).  Moses' song will be sung again on the judgment day as well as a song of the Prophet Isa (Kitab Injil).

The 12 songs included on Kalangan Saga Ummat Tuhan Vol. 1 are known throughout the world in many languages.  They have been translated into Sinama for decades and have been sung by Sama followers of God and Isa throughout Sulu & Mindanao.  You can now listen to the songs and download them here by clicking on the song names below

For further explanation about music used for praising God and to listen to 12 more Sinama songs please go to Kalangan Saga Ummat Tuhan Vol. 2.

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