Scripture Applications (Cell Phone, Computer)

The scriptures in Sinama are now easily available for use on electronic devices. Some advantages of using the electronic versions are:

  • Finding a scripture passage is often faster.
  • You can search for all verses using a specific Sinama word e.g. try searching for love, heaven, Al-masi, Ibrahim
  • You can share verses through text message, Facebook, or e-mail.
  • You can copy & paste text directly from the scripture to be used in songs, gatherings of believers, and scripture study.
  • Carry the scripture with you on your device throughout the day.
  • Pass the scriptures to your family and friends.
  • It's FREE!

Recommended programs to use with the file Sinama_Scriptures _(Sword_Module).zip (Zip Download)

  1. Computer
  2. Android Phone
  3. Apple iOS

* For those with older phones or non-smart phones there is a Java App that may run on your phone. (Download Kitab Sama Java App)