Palman Tuhan ma Bahasa Sinama

The Genesis Account of the Prophets

The creation of the world,
Grandfather Adam
and the Prophet Noah

1. The Creation of the Heavens & the Earth
2. The Account of Grandfather Adam & Eve
3. The Account of Cain and Abel
4. The Account of Prophet Noah & the Flood

The Prophet Abraham

5. God commands Abram
6. God’s promise to Abram
7. The Account of Prophet Lot & Sodom
8. The Account of Prophet Isaac

The Prophet Isaac
& the Prophet Jacob

9. The Prophet Isaac & Rebekkah
10. Prophet Jacob & his Brother Esaw
11. Leya and Rachel
12. The Prophet Jacob’s Name Changed to Israel
13. God’s Promise to Prophet Jacob

The Prophet Joseph

14. Prophet Joseph’s Dreams
15. The Prophet Joseph Becomes Governor of Egypt
16. The Prophet Joseph’s Brothers
17. The Prophet Joseph & his Brothers are Restored
18. The Prophet Jacob Moves to Egypt